Breathing Air Quality test
Breathing Air Quality Test for Breathing Appratus, Air breathing Compressor as requirement of standard BS EN 12021:1998
5 years load test for Gangway
5 years load test for Gangway as requirement MSC.1331
Fire alarm system inspection
- Check fire alarm center, charge of battery, power transformer, circuit boards, fuses, resistors ...
- Inspection and test operation of fire detector, and sanitation
- Check and sanitation emergency buttons, bells, lights, wires ..
- Repair, replace if old or damaged
Emmercency Water Bag
Emmercency Water Bag
Water bag for liferaft and lifeboat
- Weight : 500ml  (5 x 100 ml)
-  In compliance with QCVN 1-6-2010/BYT
- Use duration: 3 years
- Maker: Pacific Maritime Services company- Vietnam
 - Annual inspection cylinders, blanket, breathing mask, regulator valve, alarm horn, tightness nozzle..
- Hydraulic test every 5 years (or as directed by the manufacturer)
- Refill gas for gas cylinders
- Certification after inspection.
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