Company Introduction

Pacific Maritime Service Co., Ltd was established on 11/11/1995 by Ba ria Vung Tau Department of Plan & Investment, license number 3500 123 809 No. 23 Pham Van Dinh Street, Ward Thang Nhat , Vung Tau city, SR Viet Nam  with main business such as:
- Selling of Material, Spare Parts, Electric Equipments, Chemical Products.
- Repairing, installation, maintenance service for Lifesaving Equipments, fire fighting equipments.
- Manufacturing, repairing, trading, design, installation, maintenance, import-export fire extinguishing equipments.
Foreseeing the increasing demand of customers for the life-saving, fire fighting and working safety in production, safety at sea .. The company had built Service Station with modern equipments and a professional office. To satisfy the customers in domestic and abroad, since 2003 our service always provided  24/24h /day.
  On the existence and development, the company has achieved many significant achievements. The company has built up the brand and trust in our customers. And many strictly customers in the oil and gas sector  believed and invited us as a subcontractor for many years.
The company's products also provide more diversity in types of well-known brands in the world. Quality products and services is increasingly enhanced. Services are always expanding and improving to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  Business Activities:
Our Company has been operating mainly in 2 fields:
Trading field:
·      Supply equipment, materials and machines serving for Petroleum exploitation and exploring.
·      Supply fire extinguisher, life-saving and maritime communication equipment.
·      Supply and install fire detection system.
·      Supply food grains and foodstuffs, household consumer goods.
Service field:
·      Inspection of inflatable life rafts, lifeboat/rescue boats and launching Appliance, ....
·      Inspection of mobile/portable fire extinguishers, hydraulic test of pressure cylinder and tank.
·      Inpection, hydraulic testing, recharging of  Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Escape Device (EEBD).
·   Inspection of  fire detection, Fixed CO2 system, Dry powder, Foam, Sprinkler, Water mist system….as Regulation MSC.1432.
·      Five years overload test for Gangway, Deck crane.
·      Breathing Air Quality test as BS EN 12021: 1998

Human resources
During its operation, the company has built a team of experienced, enthusiastic and creative in their work is placed under the management of a dynamic board of directors dare to think, dare to do .
Currently our company has staff with high-qualified professionals and have years of experience in maintenance related equipment. Our technicians are factory undergoing maintenance training on inspection, maintenance and repair of equipment life-saving fire in accordance with international conventions on safety at Sea SOLAS 1974 and regulations on classification and ship armor by the competent agencies and organizations and manufacturers. All employees are trained according to professional work undertaken prior to employment at the maintenance workshop.
The enhancements improve quality and reduce production costs, enhance competitiveness are requirements that are vital to the company. So the company continues to maintain a quality management system based on the foundation of  ISO 9001:2008. All staff members were aware of the process  and understand the requirements of the standard.
In implementing our company has built, fully complete documentation including documented procedures, plans, procedures, work instructions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The characteristics of construction materials on the actual job requirements, so knowledge and application is very convenient to members. Because of this we can be proud of our document systems, all of the process of the company must go through checking stages from input to output. Applying this system we can easily help new employees quickly understand the requirements of work in the company.
In addition the company also train a team of expert for internal quality assessment, the experts independent assess in the company. Through this evaluation sessions we have found the non-conformity, the shortcomings of each department and preventive action....
1.      Quality policy
To have a correct business strategy correspond with real asks of market and increase competition ability, Board of Managers declared quality policy of the company:
         “First quality – prestige guarantee – continual improvement, innovation to satisfy customer’s requirements and progress to equal companies in ASIA area”.
Our managing philosophy:
·    Obey pledges of service quality and delivery time.
·   Supply serviced products more and more perfect
·   Improve and create frequently in manufacture and business
·   Train staffs according to knowledge and professional.
·   Guarantee working conditions of safety, hygiene environment in the area.
            With the real quality policy, Pacific Company always improves its quality of service business operations, reduces delivery time, cares for and research feedback of customers. Up to now, under the Board of Manager’s guidance, company’s staffs understood policy and purpose quality that was given  They have helped us to enlarge clients network in Vietnam and over sea.
                                                                                COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE
                                                                                              UONG SY LONG

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