Equipments for liferaft

Buoyant Rescue Quoit with Line
Designed for the retrieval of MOB
The ring is moulded in PVC,
weighing only 250 gr, and
tied to a 30m floating rope
Origin: China

Buoyant Paddles
Material: Plastic
For use in Liferaft
Origin: China

Graduated Drinking Vessel
For use in Liferaft or Lifeboat
Origin: China

Wind Proof Match
Using for Lifeboat
Origin: China

Fishing tackle
For use in Liferaft or Lifeboat
Origin: China

Daylight Signal Mirror
Using for Liferaft or Lifeboat
Origin: China

Quick Release Hook for Liferaft
Material: Stainless steel
Origin: Vietnam

 Liferaft Proof Battery
Model: DFFD-96-B1
Standard: Solas 74/96.MSC. (81) 70
Outer light intensity  : ≥4.3 cd
Internal light intensity : ≥ 0.5 cd
Power LED : 0.36W
Flash: 50-70 times/minutes
Use times: 5 years
Original: China

Buoyant Knife

For use in Liferaft
Origin: China


Food ration
Type: KL-99
Weight : 500g
Power: ≥ 10 000 KJ
Use time: 3 years
Standard Solas
Original: China

Emmersency Water Bag 
Water bag for liferaft and lifeboat
Weight : 500ml  (5 x 100 ml)
In compliance with QCVN 1-6-2010/BYT
Use time: 3 năm
Maker: Pacific Maritime Services
company- Vietnam

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